Rural Renewable Resources


NRCO offers cooperatives access to the necessary resources to thoroughly evaluate renewable energy projects without the expense of a dedicated staff and specialized software. NRCO is active in the renewable energy marketplace on behalf of its members and customers, providing a centralized source of intelligence and opportunities. NRCO evaluates projects, presenting only the most promising to its members. NRCO facilitates transmission constraint modeling, Renewable Energy Credit (REC) market analysis, and engineering studies, and packages these into comprehensive recommendations. NRCO offers an established subscription process to participate in specific projects and can help members and customers with the ongoing operations and maintenance of those projects.

By aggregating demand amongst multiple power supply cooperatives, NRCO offers developers a venue for efficiently reaching a larger and more diverse set of buyers.

Project Identification

NRCO searches for announced and unpublicized renewable electric energy generation projects and pre-screens all such projects against specific criteria to determine which project(s) satisfy the needs of our members and customers.

Project Screen

Those renewable electric energy generation projects that pass the initial pre-screen described above are subjected to further screening and due diligence by NRCO to determine the viability of a project. NRCO prepares a detailed review and assessment of project’s economic viability, estimated energy supply profile, capacity value, value of renewable attributes, transmission analysis, a credit and risk assessment, a participant cost benefit analysis, and other pertinent project specific operational information that may be of interest to potential project participants.

Project Interest

During this phase, project participants that express their initial interest then have an opportunity to make a commitment by formally subscribing to a specific electric energy generation project(s).

Agreement Closure

NRCO will coordinate the closing the transaction among all NRCO participants, developers and any other necessary parties.

Market Services

NRCO will provide consulting services to assist any NRCO participants with finding means of scheduling and marketing their power and renewable attributes.

Operational Services

NRCO can facilitate the formation and continuation of an Operating Committee to oversee renewable assets. NRCO will provide on-going oversight and maintenance services within an operating agreement